Fish House is a cruise ship jam band; rock, r&b, a dash of lime and a healthy pour of plastic bottle vodka.

Hi. We met when we were 7 years old and made a vow in our elementary school lunch line to start a band together. We played our first “gig” when we were 13 and came to be known as Fish House a few years later. Several failed projects, genre flips, name changes, a hiatus and numerous other misguided schemes have led to the off the cuff, keep it rolling demeanor that is Fishuuz.

Fish House is Jake Benavidez, Adam Jacey and Kyle Torr-Brown aka Crying Abel aka Wowflower. We grew up in Mystic, Connecticut and moved into an apartment in Boston together in 2017. We put out our debut EP Burns From the Rope in 2018 and played a bunch of shows. Our new single, “Better for It” came out on 7/18/19. Thank you for your curiosity.

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